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What is a bimetal material

Bimetal materials are composite materials, mainly metal semi-solid forming technology. The focus of recent industrialization is: aluminum-steel, titanium-steel, copper-steel, aluminum-titanium, copper-aluminum and other bimetal materials. Due to the functionalization of the performance of the heterogeneous composite materials, the lower cost and the wide range of applications, the development potential of traditional materials has been increased.

What is a hole saw?

The hole saw can cut very hard materials, including hardened steel, cast iron, brick, etc. the carbon steel shaft is matched with the centering drill. Bimetal standard hole saw

Features of bimetal hole opener

Bimetal hole opener is directly produced by bimetal saw belt which has been heat-treated. Bimetal high-speed steel saw tooth for high alloy steel body has small vibration and faster sawing performance, more stable anti fragmentation and many other points during sawing operation.
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