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Danyang Tiancheng focuses on R & D and production of Bi-Metal hole saws

TIANCHENG TOOLS quality objectives and policies


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Strictly control the product qualification rate beyond 98% every time;
Strictly control the defective rate of products within 1%;
Strive to achieve annual customer satisfaction rate beyond to 95%;
Strive to increase the annual product qualification rate by 1%;


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Strive to reach the 100% qualification rate of products;
Precision, satisfying the customer;
Quality first, manufacturing premium quality products;
Honesty, providing top service;


tiancheng tools

Strive for increasing production by 100% per year and to be the first manufacturer in the hole saw industry;
There is no captious client, only imperfect products and service;
Keep innovation , stabilize the quality, implement the management and improve the efficiency.;
High quality comes from conscientiously manufacturing, not testing;


tiancheng tools

There is no best for quality management, only keep better;

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